Written By: Joy Church
May 7, 2019

FRESH CATCH — On March 1, Bamboo Sushi veteran Yoshi Ikeda, with the support of his trusty sidekick Nino Ortiz, opened Yoshi’s Sushi in the Multnomah Village French Quarter food cart podafter a month of trial-and-error. With a remarkable reception, this duo is moving through sushi at high speed — aka, the cart’s fish is super fresh. Tips: Ikeda has a particularly deft way with sauces; visitors shouldn’t skip his ginger miso. Newbies should imitate the Village locals by grabbing a bottled beer or a glass of wine next door at the coppery cart, Bird In Hand, and head inside the French Quarter for live music and hyper-local boutique shopping.

The Oregonian/Oregonlive
Written By: Michael RUSSELL
June 19, 2019

Yoshi’s isn’t Portland’s first sushi cart (before opening its brick-and-mortar lounge, Sellwood’s Zenbu had a nearly decade-long run as a cart). It’s not even the first sushi cart from a former chef at sustainable seafood joint Bamboo Sushi (that would be St. John’s Kazumi). But at a time when utilitarian sushi burrito trucks seem to pop up wherever carts are found, Yoshi Ikeda’s bright green Yoshi’s Sushi in Multnomah Village stands out. That’s in large part because Ikeda, a second-generation sushi chef whose father’s restaurant just celebrated its 50th year in Tokyo, goes the extra mile to ensure freshness, driving from his Beaverton home to Vancouver each morning to pick up just the right amount of fish for the cart that day and making relatively small eight-cup batches of rice every hour. No, Yoshi’s sushi isn’t on the level of elite Portland sushi restaurants Nodoguro, Nimblefish and Zilla. But Ikeda, who ended his four-year run at Bamboo Sushi overseeing sushi operations for the chain’s Northwest restaurants, brings serious finesse to the cramped quarters he shares with right-hand-man Nino Ortiz. Seared sea scallop nigiri is dabbed with a fragrant yuzu marmalade. The vegan, gluten-free-friendly Lime Green roll comes with micro greens Ikeda picks up in Tigard. Sweet tamago is branded with the cart’s name. And every once in a while, Ikeda and Ortiz take over the French Quarter pod’s empty bar for an all-out omakase sushi pop-up.